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New Pic of Four Warriors in Costume - Silent Monkeys

Oct. 28th, 2007

06:57 pm - New Pic of Four Warriors in Costume

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Some users on the message board for Pro-Networks posted the excellent first cast pic with the following post (with a link farther down to the second).  The origin site for these pics (and others) is here.

Here is some exclusive info on the current status of production on The Forbidden Kingdom.

Many movies have about 25-35 shooting days, with 30 being common. Generally the actor would be on location for about a month and a half. This especially applies to small independent films.

Well, this is no little indie. The Forbidden Kingdom is a big movie, and has a production schedule of 100 days. They have completed about 75 days of production right now.

While the majority of production is done, there is still a 31 day fight sequence to produce. That's longer than the entire shooting schedule on many films.

Most from the U.S. have now been in China for 4 1/2 months and have not been back home since.